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My garden this year

June 3, 2012

Coreopsis (Early Sunrise)

My front yard beds are almost complete; after this fall, we’ll be done and can then start working on the back yard – yay!

Several years ago I hired a landscape designer to come up with plans for our gardens Nothing elaborate, but I have no idea what plants go with others, how they’ll look when fully grown, how to incorporate color throughout several seasons, etc. In other words, I’m a numbskull when it comes to gardening! We talked at length about what I liked and disliked, and understood my desire to not have to water after the first year. Most of the plants attract butterflies and bees.

So here’s what things look like this spring:

Miscanthus (Little Kitten), daylilies (Happy Returns and Rosy Returns) and catmint (Dropmore) – these are the first new things we planted, and need to be divided.

I missed the gorgeous blooms on this by a couple of weeks. When it’s blooming, this is my favorite:

Baptisia (Screaming Yellow)

I love these, and had one die over the winter that I need to replace. My poor photo does it no justice:

Geranium (Rozanne)

Okay, so I guess I have lots of favorites:

Coneflower (Kim’s Knee High) and Russian sage (Little Spire)

More Russian sage:

This little thing was just planted last year and hasn’t come into its own yet, but hopefully it’ll grow up to be beautiful:

Dwarf crape myrtle (Pokomoke)

My original rose bush, planted over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, we need to pull this up in the fall, as it’s been riddled with blackspot for several years. We got about a month of beautiful blooms this year, then nothing since. I’ll replace it with a more disease-resistant cultivar.

David Austin rose

We get the same gorgeous yellow annual hibiscus every year to keep potted:

The daylilies in this bed are in full, riotous bloom right now, but not when I took the photo:

Daylilies, nandina (Firepower) and spirea (Goldmine)

Our newest bed:

Japanese maple (Bloodgood)

Iris – I forget which kind, but it has deep purple, almost black flowers

Butterfly bush (Nano Blue) – we have two of these, and they now have different color blooms

Shrub rose, daylilies, coreopsis, butterfly bush

Charlie, hard at work!


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