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It’s a good thing Aud doesn’t mind when I laugh at her

August 3, 2011

I had to call Mom the other day to give her the phone number for the home health agency. (Yay! She’s finally ready to get a home health aide – or at least, she says she is.) I knew when I looked at the name of the agency that there was going to be trouble. Oh, the hilarity that ensued.

“Mom, it’s called StafKings.” I overenunciated the name.

“Bath Things?”

“No, STAFF KINGS. S-t-a-f-f . . .”

“B-a-t-h?” she interruppted.

“No! S as in Sam-t-a-f-f. STAFF.”

“B as in boy? Bath Sings?”

We finally got Staff. I knew when to cut my losses:

“Yes, Mom, Staff Things, that’s the name.”

She has two hearing aids, but her hearing loss is reaching beyond their capabilities, at least over the phone.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Mom only has good use of one of her hands due to her RA, so she can’t hold the phone and write at the same time. So I had to tell her part of the name or phone number, then she had to put the phone down and write. As you might imagine, her handwriting is barely legible, even to her. Which is why, the next day, I got this phone call:

“I can’t read the phone number. It’s something-3-9-something.”

“The first number is 1, Mom.”




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