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Where does the time go?

July 19, 2011

My best intentions for posting have been for naught. I resolve to buckle down! In the mean time, here are some updates:

Trip planning:

I’m fickle, fickle, fickle. Montreal just doesn’t excite me. But I agree we need to see Charlie’s dad, since we won’t have another opportunity this year. New plan: Ottawa, with a stop for a boat ride in the 1,000 Islands. I was there as a kid, and it seems as though it’ll be a good choice for us. But since we’re not going on vacation until October, who knows if I’ll change my mind again?


All is well. I’m trying to drop a few comments every once in awhile about the enhanced living apartments (which I learned is the term for this specific community, not assisted living). So far, I don’t think she’s budging from the idea that it’s quite a ways in her future, contrary to my idea that it’s about six months in her future. We’ll see. A separate post still to come is percolating about legal matters and the elderly.


I’m going to see a hematologist later this week who specializes in clotting disorders and thrombosis. My home INR testing and supplies ordering and insurance have been pains in my patootie lately, so maybe I’ll get good news?

I’m trying to find a handyman to fix our closets. All the closets in the house are 88″ tall, and the standard closet is 80″ tall. It’s impossible to find replacement doors unless we have them custom-made, so we’re going to get the eight inches framed and drywalled, and standard doors put in.

I’ve decided to re-do our third bedroom – or do, actually, since we haven’t done anything to the room since we moved in 16 years ago! There’s still a bunny wallpaper border from the little girl who lived there before. More on that to come. I’m raring to get started, but Charlie thinks I should wait until it’s not a zillion degrees.

That’s all. I’m resolving, and buckling down, and shall post at least slightly more occasionally.

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