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Things I don’t understand

May 2, 2011

1. Why my cat needs to hurl on the carpet instead of in the kitchen, where it would be much easier to clean. He’s a regular hurler, so it gets old. When I’ve seen him doing it, I’ve even moved him quickly to the kitchen, but to no avail.

2. Why Charlie feels the need, after almost 23 years of fruitless training on my part, to put milk cartons and cereal boxes that are 99% empty back into the fridge and cupboards. I regularly have to cull the pantry for empty boxes. He’ll take the last Pop-tart or lemonade packet or whatever and just leave the box in place.

3. The level of narcissism necessary to park like your car is encrusted in gold. There was a guy in the work parking deck who would park smack in the middle of two parking spaces daily, even angling a little to make sure no one could squeeze in, on the first level of the deck. While I was out shopping yesterday, I counted three cars in prime parking spots who were brazenly taking up two spaces. I will cut some slack for those who are just morons who carelessly take up more than their space, but to be brazen about it? People, it’s just a car. It’s going to get dirty, it will likely even get dinged or scratched a little bit before you’re ready to get rid of it. Either deal with it, or park farther afield where you’re not taking up prime real estate.

4. Why my resistance to the common cold stinks now that I’m on Coumadin. Used to be, a cold barely slowed me down. It was nothing more than a nuisance. Now, however, I’m still battling a cold that started a week and a half ago. I missed 2 1/2 days of work last week because I was so tired; one day I slept 17 out of 24 hours. It’s 94 degrees outside right now, and I’m sniffling and coughing away.

5. What possesses job seekers to use family members as references, or use an email address like hotbabeforyou@ Oh, and here’s another hint, job-seekers: an applicant or a resume isn’t the same medium as a text message. If you don’t use capital letters or full words, you’re going in the eliminated pile really quickly. I can’t tell you how many applications I see where they don’t even capitalize their names.


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