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The reason for the dearth of photos lately

March 31, 2011

It’s Aud’s fault.

Unlike today, when there are pictures of every first day of school, every Halloween, every school play or concert, she just didn’t take many photos back then. Which may be just as well, since she’s very apt to cut people’s heads off in photos.

I don’t know whether it was the expense of buying film and flashbulbs and developing the photos, or whether it was just the norm back then, but there aren’t  a lot of photos from back then. There are a handful of baby photos for each of us (fewer for me, since I was the seventh and honestly, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish my baby pics from my sister’s). There are some vacation photos, pictures when we had out-of-town guests, and a few scattered Christmas trees captured on film. Other than these occasions, it wasn’t often that the camera got pulled out.

Of course, there’s also the matter of not labeling the photos that were taken. When I went through the family photo albums recently and scanned them, I did a lot of guessing as to who people were and when the photos were taken. Let that be a lesson to you: go label your photos!

That’s the reason there are no photos of Willy The Goat, or Herbie. Valentine, however, rated camera time. This is when Valentine joined our family. Oh, she wass so small and so cute! And my hair looked so much better then than it does now!


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