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Chili update

March 24, 2011

Our prep day wasn’t too bad: we made all the chili and brownies at my church’s kitchen, and prepped the individual containers of sour cream, chopped onion and grated cheese. The worst part was cutting and bagging the brownies – boring! I brought home 80 servings of beef chili and it filled my fridge until Monday morning.

Bright and early Monday morning, the crock pots were started, 10 in all. Setting up the conference/serving room went smoothly: we had individual boxes into which we put a bottled water, a bagged brownie, a bagged piece of cornbread, a spoon and napkins, and my skin cancer prevention tips. We set all of them up ahead of time, and were ready to serve up the chili as people arrived!

All told, we served about 110 lunches, and raised almost $600. Next year, we’re going to raise the price, since we’re way below market price around here for a complete lunch. We had counted on getting additional donations with a low price, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen as much as we had hoped it would.


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