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Bad kitty

March 21, 2011

Does Nicholas look at all contrite? Does he look guilty? Or ashamed? Or anything other than disinterested?

No? Well, he should:

This is what I found in the living room this morning. (Ignore the mess of newspapers.) This poor plant was one of three on the ledge directly above here. When I first put the plants there, little fur-face would occasionally stand his back legs on this end table and stretch up to nibble on the leaves. I would yell at him and push him away. Like many things in his four-legged world, he soon lost interest in the fronds, and they’ve been safe from tuna breath for some time now.

Until last night. Not only did the whiskered one decide he wanted a midnight snack of greenery, he pulled the entire plant off the ledge, breaking the pot in the process. Oh, and of course dumping soil all over everything.

Charlie and I must have been sleeping like the dead to have slept through it.

When I confronted little pointy-ears this morning upon discovering the destruction, this is the look he gave me:

“Yeah, so what? What do you want? Get that camera away from me. You bore me.”

Thankfully, the soil was dry (I tend to either ignore my plants or drown them in attention). I had to get to work, so the evidence will remain all day, for Nicholas to ponder and feel sorry for his bad ways.Perhaps some wailing and beating of chest would be in order as an act of contrition.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen.



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  1. Rose Marsh permalink

    I’ve seen all of those looks from Nicky before!

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