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And the chili cooking begins

March 12, 2011

For the second year, our team from work is doing a chili lunch fundraiser for VCU’s Massey Cancer Center. We have 101 reservations, and I’m beginning to feel a little anxious. We pulled it off last year for about the same number of people, and undoubtedly will do so again (please, Lord!), but why am I a glutton for punishment? Really, 101 lunches?

The fundraising is a special cause for me. Dad had several bouts with melanoma and then developed and ultimately died from a rare form of skin cancer. Since Massey is a research institute, it’s important to me to help in whatever small way I can. So last year, I hatched this foolhardy plan. Dad always made a good chili, and I’d usually bring it in to work for our Christmas potlucks. Why not use Dad’s recipe to raise money?

I think he’d be tickled that his chili is raising money. But it’s hopefully doing more: in each lunch, I put a card with skin cancer prevention tips. Even if only one person out of 101 actually reads it, maybe that’s one person who won’t develop skin cancer down the road.

Since we don’t have any facilities at work, we’re doing everything at my church’s kitchen, and then we’ll bring it in and warm the chili in crockpots. My office looks like  a crockpot farm right now. We offer a choice of beef or vegetarian chili (a co-worker makes the vegetarian), a slice of cornbread, a brownie and a bottle of water.

This year, we got local stores and restaurants to donate supplies, so much of the costs of ingredients were supposed to be taken care of, but then our number of reservations went up. And 70 of them are for beef chili, so I was up early this morning at Wal-Mart and Costco, picking up more stuff. Next year, I’m doing to ask my dermatologist’s office if they could donate samples of suntan lotion – they also have tons of samples when I go there for my annual skin checks.

Back to prepping!


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