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“Spring has sprung . . .

March 7, 2011

. . . the grass is ris, I wonder where the flowers is.”

Okay, so spring hasn’t really sprung yet, but it sure is teasing me. I’ve had one lone daffodil in bloom in my front bed for over a week now. There are other bulbs with leaves popping out, but nothing close to blooming. There’s just this lone renegade splash of yellow, promising me that better times are around the corner.

Of course, things could be much worse: I could still be in Central Square. The Syracuse area now has had over 173 inches of snow this season. If I were rich, I would have a summer home in upstate New York, in the Thousand Islands or the Adirondacks or the Finger Lakes. But no way in heck would I ever be able to handle winters there again. I’ve lost my blizzard-driving mojo, I don’t do winter sports, and I never want cold, wet feet again.

Just for a comparison against my pretty little daffodil, here’s a couple of pictures from long-ago winters. The first is at Hancock Field in North Syracuse and the second is Dad shoveling snow off the roof in Central Square.

Soon I won’t have to wear a scarf and gloves while walking into work. Soon I won’t have to scrape frost from the windshields. Soon I can switch sweaters for swingy, gauzy tops. Soon spring really will be sprung and the flower beds will be a riot of daffodils and tulips, roses and daylilies, cone flowers and catmint. Soon.


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