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Nutty animal people

February 19, 2011

I come from a family that been kind of nuts over pets. When I was growing up, Valentine was our much-loved dog.

The band boosters used to sell a birthday calendar, where you could pay to put each family member’s birthday on the calendar, and everyone who bought one would see it. Every year, year after year, along with the birthdays of my parents and we kids, there was a listing for Valentine McIntosh on February 14.

One year, someone asked  me who Valentine was. When I said that was our dog, she looked relieved.

All this time, she told me, she thought I had a sibling who was away in a mental hospital or something.

Fast forward to today, and my dear cat Nicholas. He rules the roost. My mom often addresses cards to us with Nicholas’ name, too. He has his own Christmas stocking, and she brings a present for it. When I talk to her, she’ll ask how Charlie’s doing, then ask how Nicky’s doing. Don’t tell Charlie, but sometime she reverses the order.

For some reason, we’ve developed a habit of calling Nicholas a wide variety of names. We call him, of course, Nick and Nicky. And Nicholas Nickleby. And Niko. All are variations of his name, so not too bad. But that’s not all. In addition to these perfectly normal nicknames, there’s also:

  • Pushkin
  • Nicholas Ridicalous
  • Punky
  • Punkish McGee
  • Weirdo McGeardo
  • Goofball

I’m up early today, and he’s zipping around the house like freak, so he’s Weirdo McGeardo today.


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