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Mom and TV

February 18, 2011

Mom watches some interesting television. Some of it isn’t generally what you’d think an 82-year-old would watch. In addition to the innocuous Wipeout, funny home videos and funny animal videos, she likes to watch golf, bull-riding and Syracuse University basketball.

Golf is a holdover from my father. She got used to watching it with him when he was alive, and grew to like it.

Bull-riding is a total mystery. No idea where that came from.

Syracuse basketball is obvious. She and Dad used to have season tickets, until the hassle of waiting for the shuttle buses at Manley Fieldhouse when it was colder than a well-digger’s arse (Dad’s phrase) got to be too much.

Now, however, Mom’s vision isn’t too good, nor is her hearing. It’s become routine this basketball season for her to call me to find out the score. She has an older console TV, and she can’t see the score on the bottom of the screen. We’ve gotten in the habit of calling her at the end of each game to let her know who won.

My new brainstorm is that Mom needs a new TV. You know, get in the 21st century, with a flat screen. She could get a bigger screen, and have the ability to move it closer to her chair and higher off the ground. About every third time I talk to her, I mention it, so I can get her used to the idea. She accuses me of trying too hard to spend her money. But by the time I go up there later in the spring, I should have her all prepared to pry open her checkbook and buy a TV.

Until then, we’ll tell her the scores, and remind her when bull-riding and Wipeout are on.


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