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Aud’s on the road again

December 26, 2010

Thanksgiving saw Mom visiting my sister in Florida, and she’s now here in Virginia with me for Christmas.

The Florida trip went well, from what I hear. Actually, I heard more than Mom, because she forgot her hearing aids. Oh, the fun Neicie must have had!  She was uncharacteristically frazzled getting ready for the trip, and had lost her packing list that I made her several years ago. In addition to the hearing aids, she didn’t have time to make a sandwich, which for most people wouldn’t be a big deal, but Mom’s cheap and just won’t buy food in an airport. And since she’s diabetic, it’s doubly important that she eat regularly. Thankfully, nothing untoward happened.

I’ve since sent her another packing list, and revised it: in addition to having a list of what goes in her checked luggage and what goes in her carry-on, I added a section, highlighted it in bright yellow, of things to make sure of before leaving for the airport. In addition to checking it herself, she can show it to whoever is taking her to the airport. It includes, first and foremost, hearing aids! Also, lunch and snacks, medications, handicapped parking tag, and breakfast on the way to the airport.

I must say, Aud’s a much more relaxed traveler than I am. Her flight from Syracuse was supposed to leave at 11:43, and didn’t actually leave until 2:15. I would have been one cranky wench in her case, but she was just fine about it. I think she’s so easy-going about things like this because it’s something different, a break in her routine, even though it’s a hassle. Plus, she really enjoys people-watching.

I was able to follow the delays online, and managed to reschedule her connecting flight before she even left Syracuse. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tell her about it, because she had her cell phone turned off! I was so frustrated, to put it mildly! When she finally got here, she said, “But I called you!” Uh, no, you didn’t. Turned out some man she was talking with in Charlotte volunteered to call me, so she gave him her cell and told him . . . the wrong number. She was surprised when I explained that her cell phone had a contacts list of phone numbers just like her home phone. Imagine me slapping my forehead here.

Since she’s been here, Mom’s been trying to get Nicholas to be nice to her. Not that he’s not a nice cat, he really doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. But he always thinks she’s playing with him because she moves so slowly, so he playfully swats at her when she finally gets close enough to pet him. Here she is using the back scratcher so he won’t nab her:


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