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Vindication. Sort of.

October 10, 2010

I received a reply from United Airlines. As suspected, the response was pretty much b.s. and didn’t take any responsibility. She didn’t address the fact that the reservations agent didn’t inquire as to the level of disability, and instead just choose for himself that Mom could climb stairs. She explained the business needs for transport chairs not being able to wait with passengers, but didn’t explain why gate agents didn’t call for boarding chairs when repeatedly requested. And she never addressed the fact that gate agents and ground crew didn’t communicate as to what type of ramp was being used so an appropriate chair could be used. She did forward my email to both Dulles and SeaTac airports, which hold contracts with the company providing transport services.

However, despite all the non-answers, and “as a gesture of goodwill,”  she gave both Mom and me $150 vouchers for a future flight. Eh, I’ll take it. Despite the level of frustration that the combination of all their problems gave me, it was, after all, mainly just frustration. Hopefully, my complaints may make a difference somewhere down the line in United’s customer service.


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