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Cruise: Day 9 – Seattle

September 13, 2010

Or: it’s a good thing the cruise was good enough to make the travel worth it.

I’ve chosen the latest disembarkation time, since our flight doesn’t leave until 1 p.m. We have a leisurely breakfast in the Lido. There’s no sign of Agus, and Mom has me wander around looking for him to say goodbye (I didn’t find him). I take Mom to the lounge where handicapped passengers will leave from, and then take the wheelchair back to our cabin, where the rental company will pick it up.

A handsome officer with a Dutch accent makes sure we’re all set to leave, and then a steward comes to take us away. We’re through security in a flash, and claim our suitcases. It’s sherpa time again. From Sitka, I had called Already There to arrange for transport to the airport from the pier, and the limo comes quickly. I’ve already ranted about the dismal conditions at SeaTac, but I’ll add that making sure everything goes well leaves me no time to go to the bathroom, eat or put my compression stockings on, much less get a takeout dinner for Mom. My backpack is jammed full, and I stupidly don’t adjust the straps, resulting in bruises up and down my arm as I wrestle it on and off repeatedly for the next eight hours. It looks lovely. Oh, and I still have my muscle cramps in my leg, so I’m a happy, happy camper.

Finally, we’re back in Syracuse, and get the shuttle to the car park. It’s after midnight, and it’s a good thing the cops aren’t out, since I just want to get home!

Lastly, here’s some photos that I didn’t put elsewhere:


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One Comment
  1. Pam permalink

    So, were you able to say good-bye to Agus? Did you take a pic of him?

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