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Cruise: Day 3 – cruising to Alaska

September 11, 2010

Or: Ruth is in for a rude awakening.

I stop reading and head in to shower around 7 a.m. As I’m bending down to shave my legs, I suddenly realize that my head is almost touching the floor, from the ship tilting. Weird! I envelope myself for the first time in my Holland America robe, and sneak out to the balcony. It’s a beautiful morning, not too cold, and we’re in the Pacific. I think the land I see to one side is the coast of Vancouver Island. Or not.

I get Mom up at 8:30, since we had ordered a room service breakfast the night before for 9:30. After helping her shower, I’m feeling hot, sweaty and nauseous. Yup, I had been so busy making sure Mom didn’t get seasick that I had forgotten to take anything myself! I had never gotten seasick when Charlie and I cruised Hawaii years ago, but I guess that didn’t mean anything now.

I take some Bonine and a quick nap while Mom eats, and feel a bit better. A word about the breakfast in the cabin: wonderful! We choose what we want the night before, and special requests were always honored (apple juice and chocolate milk when it’s not listed, crispy bacon specified, etc.).

Mom eating breakfast in the cabin

Put the camera down!

After breakfast, we’re off to explore again, and spend some time just looking at the water. We eat lunch at the Lido again, complete with Agus looking for us to say hello. It seems as though lunch now must include dessert every day, since we give in again. Luckily, I only gained a pound during the week, which I think says more to the walking and wheelchair-pushing than it does to my willpower. We head to the gift shop, and then up to the Explorations Lounge, to relax, read, and in Mom’s case, nap a bit.

Late afternoon is bingo, and of course we must play! The final game is $50,000 if anyone covers their card in 45 numbers or less (I think that’s the cutoff). Neither of us come close. The bingo cards are paper cards where you push the numbers out, and are difficult for Mom to do, so maybe she was closer to winning than we thought – it was hard to keep up with the pace of the numbers and both of our cards.

The DJ who is announcing the bingo tells some funny questions people ask: Do crew members sleep on the ship? Do you have cable or satellite for the tv?

We decide to watch a DVD before dinner. Mom chooses Brokeback Mountain. I ask her if she knows what it’s about: no, but she’s heard it’s a good movie. Shrugging, I put it in. Eventually, Mom asks what’s going on. Well, I tell her, those two guys are having sex. Great fun with Mom.

We head out of the cabin again, and look at the menu in the main dining room. Eh, nothing strikes our fancy, so we again head to the Lido, where Agus again comes by the table to say hi.

I’ve been queasy off and on all day, so we stay in the cabin again for the evening and have milk and cookies delivered to the cabin. The seas are still rough, so it’s up and down during the night with Mom.


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