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Cruise: Day 2 – boarding day!

September 11, 2010

Or: we meet our new bff.

After a good breakfast in the hotel, we get ready to go. I quickly log on to a computer in the business center, already feeling cut off without my laptop. I had arranged a town car service to get us to the pier, Already There, which a wonderful way to go. The driver is prompt, the town car plush and the trip downtown scenic.

When we arrive at the pier, a Holland America rep takes over, settling Mom into a wheelchair and leading us through security. Then one of the Filipino crew members, a Lido buffet steward, takes over, and is with us all the way to our cabin. The cabin is big and nice, and the balcony is fabulous. The wheelchair I rented through Cruiseshipassist is waiting for us.

Seattle from our balcony

We head to the buffet for lunch, and the minute we arrive, a steward is at our side, helping us carry our food and finding a table for us. His name is Agus, and he’s our new best friend, looking for us at every meal and eager to help.

Lido pool

After lunch, we explore the ship, and then head back to the cabin. Mom takes a small nap, and I get us unpacked. Later, we set again to explore the ship some more, and discover the ice cream server, having the first of what will be many ice cream cones over the next week. We make a mandatory detour for the lifeboat drill.

We run into the priest in the elevator, which reminds us that it’s almost time for Mass. So we follow him, and he’s soon a pied piper, leading passengers to liturgy. He’s from Zanzibar, and quite funny.

Not wanting to spruce up for dinner (this will be a common refrain), we head back to the Lido for dinner. After I get Mom seated, I head to get her meal, and run into Agus, who asks where Mom is, and toasts me with the water glasses he’s carrying.

Mom on deck 8 as we leave Seattle

After dinner, we go back to the cabin and I order a DVD, Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. I also order milk and cookies from room service. Mom falls asleep in the chair almost immediately. After the movie, I finally roust her enough to get her to bed. The ship is rolling quite noticeably, since we’re leaving the Straits of Juan de Fuca and into Pacific waters. I had started Mom on Bonine that morning, and put Sea Bands on her once we started out from the pier.

I’m awakened from a deep sleep at 1:30 by Mom yelling for me. She’s managed to get to the bathroom, but the ship is moving so much she was afraid of falling. So I help her get back to bed, and get up with her two more times during the night. She goes back to sleep each time, but I need to read a bit before heading back to slumberland.


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