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Cruise: Food on board

September 8, 2010

First, a disclaimer, since some will accuse me of heresy: I’m not a foodie. I love food, but I’m very picky and have plebian tastes.

I found the food on the Rotterdam to be just okay. Mom ate really well, but her usual review was that her food was “good” or “pretty good” – nothing that knocked her socks off.I would have loved more casual foods for dinner. There was a pizza spot, so I thought I was golden – pizza is my favorite food, and I have it several times a week. But the pizza was really quite bad, which was a shame. It tasted and looked frozen, and a bad frozen pizza at that. It’s not that hard to make a killer pizza dough, I make it every week.

There were deli sandwiches at lunch, and the Terrace Grill had hamburgers (really good burgers, according to Mom) and hot dogs. I wish the sandwiches were available for dinner, too.

We ate in the Lido buffet for every meal, except for when we had room service. Lunches were good. Dinners seldom had anything on the menu that I liked, except for the salad bar and pasta, and while I like both, I can’t eat them often for medical reasons.

I would have liked to have tried Canelleto, the Italian dinner restaurant, but Mom didn’t want to. We checked out the menu in the main dining room every day, but Mom only saw something she wanted one day, and that day we wound up being too tired to get dressed up by the time dinner rolled around. I guess we’re simple people with simple tastes!

The desserts always looked fabulous, but generally looked better than they tasted. I was particularly disappointed in most of the chocolate desserts, since chocolate is a major food group for me. The cakes and brownies were usually dry. It was almost a sin to leave chocolate on my plate, but I often did.

We had room service breakfast all but two days, and it felt wonderfully decadent to eat a yummy breakfast in my HAL robe! We also ordered chocolate chip cookies and milk several nights as our movie snack, and the cookies were really good. One night Mom had dinner from room service, a steak sandwich. Having ordered quickly, we were expecting a Philly cheesesteak, but it was a big juicy slice of steak, with peppers and onions. Charlie would have been in heaven!


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