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Cruise: Litany of the I-haven’ts

August 24, 2010

(and a might-have)

I haven’t packed.

haven’t hemmed my new pants.

I haven’t done the last necessary bit of laundry (actually I haven’t had Charlie do it, since I don’t do laundry).

I haven’t bought another pair of comfy shoes.

I haven’t gone to the ATM.

I haven’t bought additional camera memory.

I haven’t done a thousand and one things at work that need to be done before I leave.

I haven’t made my “don’t-kill-the-cat” list for Charlie of things to do and not to do while I’m gone.

I haven’t gotten the house ready for Charlie’s dad, who’s visiting while I’m gone.

And I might have broken my big toe. Not a big deal in August in Richmond, but not good for closed-toe shoes in Alaska.

In other words:


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