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T-minus 4

August 22, 2010

Audrey’s all packed. Since Friday. Me? Um, Mom’s all packed.

Still, slowly but surely I’m getting there. This morning I got a new pair of binoculars from Wal-Farts. We have a small pair that I bought for my first trip to Italy, but I need to take my glasses off when I use them. That’s okay for the Sistine Chapel, but not so much for Alaskan wildlife. The new ones work great with my glasses. Buh-bye, another $35.  Money’s just flying out of my hands nowadays.

I decided yesterday I needed a new pair of black pants. Did you know that Macy’s no longer carries any women’s casual pants? They got rid of all of them. They have denim and dress pants (trousers, as S & C on What Not to Wear call them). No Dockers, no khakis, nothing casual.

I’m beginning to have a sinking feeling that a carry-on may not cut it. My pile of stuff is growing: camera, binoculars, two sets of noise-canceling headphones, rain ponchos, iPod charger, cell phone charger .

At least Aud’s packed.

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