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Aud and . . . an ipod?

August 1, 2010

A few months ago, Mom called and asked if she should get an mp3 player. It shouldn’t be a surprise that my mom, like probably many 82-year-olds, isn’t terribly tech-savvy. Where, I asked, had she learned about mp3 players? It turns out that she had seen one on sale in an Avon catalog. She wasn’t entirely clear on what they were, but knew that had something to do with music. I explained that she would need a computer to get the music on it. “But,” she said rather plaintively, “it’s on sale, it’s only $14.” (Is it any wonder where I get my bargain-basement tendencies?) She rather reluctantly agreed that it wouldn’t make sense to get one.

Fast forward to planning for our trip. Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, for Mom to have some music on an ipod for the long flight? We have an extra nano, so I could put a playlist on it for her. Trouble is, Mom is a country music fan, and I, well, I’m definitely not.  I blame it on too many hours of riding in the car as a child listening to the old-time twangy country music. On a recent business trip to Nashville, I visited the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry; while I gained a real appreciation for the history of the genre, the  music itself still remains off my playlists.

Faced with the thought of big bucks buying songs from iTunes, I’ve managed to conveniently overcome my ethical opposition to copying music. After all, the songs will be listened to only once or twice, and then be erased after the cruise (Mom doesn’t have the dexterity to use it on her own). Or so my reasoning goes.

I may, however, have to pony up something to iTunes, since I haven’t found any Alan Jackson CDs to borrow yet. When I asked Mom who she especially liked, she replied, “that tall, handsome guy.”  That description proved of no help to me.

“You know, that tall drink of water who wears a cowboy hat.” Mom, that covers an awful lot of singers.

“You know, the blond one with the ripped jeans.” Somehow, from that description, Charlie got Alan Jackson.

“Yeah, that’s him!”

If Charlie can decipher Mom-speak, he needs to go on a game show.

  1. Suzanne permalink

    It IS convinient that your ban of pirated music is called of temporarily for your trip. But, it sould like your mother deserves the pleasure that a recess from your morals will allow her. I have an Allen Jackson CD somewhere around here if you’d like it. 🙂

    • Sad how easily I can lose my convictions, huh?! Thanks, I managed to get two CDs, so I think I’ll fill the Alan Jackson quota!

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