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Time for lists, lists and more lists

July 29, 2010

We’re a month away now, and things are getting real.  I keep a packing list for Mom on a spreadsheet for her annual treks to Virginia and Florida, separated into a list for her checked luggage, and a list for her carry-on.  This time will be easier, since I’ll be there to pack for her. I still need to put together my packing list, along with a list of things I still need to buy. (Totes rain ponchos are at the top of that list.) I’ve started the spreadsheet for each of our expenses, and another for the detailed itinerary, which is slowly getting filled out, and my packet of information, reservations and confirmations is getting quite beefy. Have I mentioned that I’m pretty anal about planning?

One of the sticking points for packing is the two formal nights on the cruise.  I’m trying just to take a 21″ roller and a backpack, and Mom will have a checked bag and a carry-on. (The thought is that we can get through the airport without help, with Mom holding the 21″ on her lap in the wheelchair, and me pulling her larger bag and wearing the backpack and tote bag. Think sherpa. Will it work? Who knows? I’ll find out in about a month!)

With my limited space, I don’t want to take space with formal wear – not to mention that I don’t really have anything formal. But now I’m thinking that we should go to the dining room for one of the formal nights, just so Aud can experience it. Guess I’ll make that decision based on if I can find something cheap and easily packable.

Mom’s friend has been on the lookout at the Scotty for anything she might need. What’s the Scotty? This is: Mom’s been volunteering there forever, I think for the 35 years that it’s been around. It’s amazing how many people have been helped by this little, cramped permanent garage sale in the church basement over the years. Their food pantry gives away a prodigious number of meals at the holidays. Mom’s always bringing things home from the Scotty, and donating other things. Maybe she can find a sparkly top there for formal night!

One Comment
  1. Joan Clemen permalink

    Hi Ruth,
    We took this trip in 2008. For the formal nights the gals with our group wore black pants and a dressy top.
    My best advice is to layer your cloths. Also, take gloves! Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Let’s see some pictures when you get back.


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