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Cruise, cruise, which cruise to choose?

July 26, 2010

Some emails back and forth with my friend the travel agent, and we picked a cruise. We’re going to be sailing on the Holland American Rotterdam, with a seven-day round-trip from Seattle. I hadn’t realized how short the cruise season was in Alaska, so we were looking at either going within a few months, or next spring/summer. Since I wanted to be sure that Mom could enjoy herself as much as possible, and since there’s no telling what another year would bring, it was decided: we were going at the end of August.

There were several Audrey-specific factors that went into choosing this particular sailing:

  1. I would have preferred a round-trip from Vancouver, because the route is truly in the Inside Passage and thus in generally calmer waters. But in the end, I decided it didn’t suit our needs. One reason is that airfare to Vancouver is much higher than to Seattle. (Did I mention that I take after my parents somewhat in their cheapness?) While we could fly into Seattle and take a train to Vancouver, the hassle of that many legs of the trip prior to getting on the trip would be a little hard on Mom, I think.
  2. The Rotterdam is a smaller ship than several other ships that had availability for the Alaska 2010 season, at 996 passengers. With limited mobility and our non-party lifestyles (the bars and late-night entertainment on board aren’t high on Mom’s priority list, nor mine), I think Holland America in general and the smaller Rotterdam in particularly is a better fit.
  3. The Rotterdam had a handicapped verandah suite available on the sailing we wanted, August 28. My initial research had convinced me that a verandah suite was a luxury worth splurging on in Alaska.
  4. A non-Mom factor: this itinerary included a stop in Sitka, which I really want to see.
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