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Italy: Apartment review – Spoleto

March 16, 2010

Spoleto – Umbria Holiday Rentals, Terrazzo Verde apartment

This apartment is located in the lower part of the town, on Corso Garibaldi, near Piazza Garibaldi. The location was okay; it was quite a steep climb to the historic part of town. The apartment was on the 1st (2nd American) floor from Corso Garibaldi, and up two flights from the rear of the property, which was the entry from where we parked.

Private parking was provided for an extra cost, but we parked in a free area a few blocks away, along the old city wall. We were always able to find a spot, but be aware that the road there is typically narrow – we had to let out the passenger and then pull in literally mere inches away from the wall itself, with the mirrors folded in. Midway through our stay, the emblem on the hood of our rental car was ripped off.

The apartment was wonderfully spacious. There’s a large bedroom; a small galley kitchen with stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, and toaster; a small second bedroom; a bath with a stall shower and washing machine; living room with dining table and two comfy sofas; and a terrace with patio table and chairs. We used the kitchen almost daily, though not for preparing any big meals, and found it more than sufficiently outfitted for our needs.

Pros: Norma and Laurie were very pleasant to work with. The size of the apartment was great, as was the lighting for the most part, both natural light and lamp lighting. The satellite TV had a great selection of channels, including several English-language channels. (A shamed admission: we managed to be home almost every day to watch “Uma mamma per amica.” Can you guess? Give up? The Gilmore Girls!) A welcoming touch was some food and a bottle of wine for the first meal. There were plenty of towels and extra pillows,

Cons: The biggest con was the noise in the main bedroom. The apartments are over retail stores with a separate open alley-like entrance off Corso Garibaldi. The bedroom is closest to this open area and has french doors and a window (both shuttered), and noise just reverberates off the stones – even just two people talking in the open area below is terribly loud in the bedroom. The heavy door downstairs that secures the stairwell to the apartments also makes a lot of noise when it closes.

The location is also less than ideal, though okay. The worst part of the location was that it seems like the lower part of the town is the hang-out for teenagers, so whenever we went out to Corso Garibaldi towards Piazza Garibaldi, it was overrun with teens. Kind of like being at the mall food court on a Friday night. Even though we stayed there for a week, we never felt like we were experiencing an Italian town, primarily because of the teenage party atmosphere on the streets and in most of the shops in that part of town.

Minor cons were that the bathroom and kitchen were dimly lit, and there was no drying rack or line for drying laundry.

Overall recommendation: The apartment had a lot of great things going for it, but I have to give a neutral recommendation because of the noise in the bedroom. We almost moved to the second bedroom because of it, but didn’t want to sleep in twin beds. If the windows in the main bedroom were soundproofed better, then we would definitely recommend it. The location, while not ideal, is a good trade-off for the lower cost compared to other places I looked at.


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