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Italy: Day 10 – Spoleto

March 11, 2010

MONDAY, April 21, Umbria

Charlie makes it through the night without incident, and I make a return trip to the pharmacy, and tell my friend the dottore in my practiced sentence that my husband has a backache. A quick look under the counter, and he passes me some medication. Whatever it is, it works, and Charlie is back to normal within a day or so. But to give him time to recover, we decide to stay in Spoleto and do some wandering and shopping. It’s again raining most of the day, coming down the hardest whenever we’re walking, of course.

We go to the post office to mail some postcards, but I’m flummoxed by the ticket machine where we’re supposed to pull a certain ticket for the type of service we want. Giving up, we later get stamps at a tabacchi.

The duomo in Spoleto is picture-perfect beautiful. Inside, the tiled floor is from the 12th century, and tucked away in a small side chapel is a letter written by St. Francis. Above the altar are a series of amazing frescoes by Fra Lippo. We wind up being in the church as it closes for the afternoon, but thankfully the person locking up hears us talking and shoos us out.

We get the best pizza al taglio of the trip at a place called, I think, Zeppelin. Of course, as we’re roaming, the skies open and we’re faced with a deluge.

Dinner is in the apartment, and – horror of horrors! – we have a gelato-free day.


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