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Italy: Day 8 – Spoleto

March 9, 2010

SATURDAY, April 19, Umbria

Today is our day to explore Spoleto, so we wander around town. We stop in the tourist information center to try to find out where and when we could go to Mass. The people there don’t speak English, and we have trouble asking our question; after they keep telling us when the churches are open (versus mass times), I resort to thinking of and making up words that have to do with mass. Liturgo? Worshipio? They finally write down some churches and times for us, but we’re never sure if it’s the information we asked for, since some of the times don’t make sense. We walk around the path at the bottom of the Rocca, and walk over the Ponte della Torri, but given our colds, decide against hiking any of the paths. We walk home on the outskirts of town and stop at the grocery store for some snacks and beverages.

When we go out to grab some dinner, we realize as we’re passing St. Gregory’s near Piazza Garibaldi that Mass is about to start. We luck into a liturgy! The church is full, mainly of middle-aged and older women, with a few men and families thrown in. I’m struck by the fact that I’m worshipping in a church where the faithful have worshipped for likely 600 years. The walls have many faded frescoes, making me wonder if there may have been a roving student of Michaelangelo who was the artist. Like Santa Susanna, it’s really cold in the church.

Dinner is pizza al taglio, followed by gelato.


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