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Italy: Day 6 – Umbria

March 7, 2010

THURSDAY, April 17, Umbria

It’s our first day to explore the Umbrian countryside. We drive to Trevi, where we mainly just wander around for a bit, and figure out Italian parking meters.

Then it’s on to Bevagna. I have to say, we’re completely underwhelmed with Bevagna, and I’m disappointed, having read so many great things about it. It seems practically deserted, and there are few shops open. We go by the theater three times, but there’ never anyone there. We roam around aimlessly for awhile, looking for whatever it is that makes the town such a magnet on the message boards, but finally shrug and make our way back to Poshcar.

Next it’s on to Montefalco, which we enjoy so much more than Bevagna. Again, we mainly just wander around and do some shopping. We’re followed around for awhile by a loudspeaker truck advertising a Spanish circus, which scares the daylights out of me each time.

We’re awestruck the whole day by the remarkable views that are around every turn. Because we’re immature, we stop to take a picture of the road sign pointing the way to Bastardo, and wonder what the residents of the town are called.

On our way back home, we stop at to the COOP, where we have a very late lunch and pick up some groceries. By now, I’m a whiz at parking in the tight alley along with old town walls, and am delighted to discover that Poshcar has a little button that automatically folds in the outside mirrors.

We fix dinner in the apartment rather than go out again.


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